26 Jan

I have been “taking pictures” since I was a teenager.  I still have a few of my pictures from my old film camera.  I attached a few of these film pictures below:

These days I am working toward becoming  a photographer. In the world of digital photography and Photoshop, God’s creation is a different place for the modern photographer.

A person with a camera can stick it on automatic and take decent pictures. But in tricky lighting conditions or t o get creative a photographer has to take over the camera and needs to understand aperture and speed, ISO and exposure compensation, the rule of thirds and overall exposure rules.  These take training and practice to understand and to put into practice.  I love training beginning photographers (at whatever age) the basics of these concepts in real world shooting experiences.

The next time you’re shooting in “Automatic” mode and the flash pops up when you don’t want  it to or the picture is over or underexposed, take some time to learn more about photography concepts and try your hand at the “Manual” setting on your camera.


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