Thanks for cleaning up my mess!

15 Feb

Well, wake up at 2:00 AM to go the the bathroom and find the bathroom trash turned over.  Cleaned  it up. Prime suspect – Alfie, the Cocker Spaniel.  We had been putting her in the cage each night, but gave her a try at roaming the house.

She blew it big time!

I peaked in the kitchen and the kitchen trash (which had been full) was emptied all over the kitchen floor – peels, orange rinds and all!  After picking that up and placing the full trash bag outside the door for disposal later that morning, I glanced in my office on the way to the bedroom, the trash in there was emptied all over the room.  The offending party came to see what the fun was and I showed her the mess, told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her actions, let her outside to do her thing then stuck her in her cage!  She is losing her privilege of roaming free around the house when we are away and at night.  I still love her and she is still the cute, curly Cocker she was, but for her own good she has to be disciplined.  Who knows what she might eat from the trash that could kill her?  Besides the mess we have to pick up!

I started to think about Alfie’s offenses in light of my own mistakes and sins.  I can picture God bending down and patiently cleaning up my messes, then instructing me through His word and consequences what the right actions would be the next time.  He cares for me and doesn’t want me to harm myself by my own thoughtless actions and poor decisions.  I, and we as people, make small decisions daily which lead us in the wrong direction.  I find that I “tip over the trash” and endanger myself without realizing it.  Lack of exercise – I’m trying, but I can do better.  That extra milkshake.   Having one today won’t hurt.  Or that one the next day.  That extra brownie – one (or two) won’t hurt, much.  Skipping time alone with God – I’ll be there tomorrow, Lord!

These small decisions in our everyday lives add up to obesity in the future, or a heart attack, or cancer…or having major regrets when  we are 85 in poor health and realize it didn’t have to end that way, we could have taken control of our thoughts, attitudes, habits and done better.

I’m convinced that our attitudes as we grow older carry into our senior years.  A mean younger person will be a mean senior, someone people don’t want to be around.  Lord, may I have a servant’s heart, honoring You and serving those around me, staying positive despite my Parkinson’s, working diligently to serve you no matter the limitations I have in the future.

Thanks, Lord, for cleaning up my mess!


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