The Seeming Realities of Time

23 May

Every Saturday morning at 7:15 AM about 40 men gather at Fairhaven Church for Men’s Fellowship.  There is a devotional, breakfast, corporate prayer and a testimony of some sort.  Testimonies include one of the guys life story or a visiting missionary discussing their mission.  This coming Saturday is our Memorial Day Celebration.  There is a great display of military gear, a ceremony honoring vets, etc.  Looking forward to photographing it!

Last Saturday I was asked to give the devotional.  This is a bit intimating for a guy who part of each day has trouble speaking, but I gave it a try and the feedback was positive.  However, unlike before Parkinson’s, I’m forced to have a microphone and reduced to reading my text.  Oh well.  Here is my little “devo”:

“This morning I would like us to think about the concept of time for a few minutes.  I have a few questions for us to consider.

What is time?  Is time consistent?  Is time a human concept?  I think there is an atomic clock somewhere that keeps the official world time.  We can set our watches to that clock.  If time is supposed to be consistent, then why did it go so slowly when I was up at night rocking a sick child or now when I’m in line at the post office – but when I think back on the our kids growing up years, time seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye.  Why does an enjoyable evening with friends go by fast but two days with the flu seems to last an eternity?

What is the definition of time?  Has it always existed or did it start when God created the universe?  How does an eternal God react to time?  Did God create time and now He has to deal with us within time, which restricts His actions in some ways? 

God is not trapped in time but lives outside of time.  If you look at the top a table as a model of time, it begins and it goes into infinity.  Each of us has our little square inch of time on earth, then it is over for us.  We are trapped on the table inside of time’s grip.  Everything is linear for us with a beginning and an ending.  Not so with God.  We’re stuck inhabiting the top of the table, controlled by time but God looks down on the table and is outside of time.  He can impact our lives even though we live within time.  That is the answer to many of our questions about why certain things, usually bad things by our definition, happen in our lives.  God’s perspective is completely different from ours.  For instance, someone we know may die early in life or unexpectedly, but God can see an eternal purpose because of the people who will come to faith in Him in the future as they consider the witness of that person’s life.

Why do we think our particular circumstances are unique in human history and that no one has ever experienced these circumstances before?  Why are humans self-important and conceited, thinking they are very important in the history of mankind?  Psalm 39:4-5 says:

O Lord, help me understand my mortality
and the brevity of life!
Let me realize how quickly my life will pass!
5 Look, you make my days short-lived,
and my life span is nothing from your perspective.
Surely all people, even those who seem secure, are nothing but vapor.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

It is true each of us has the same 60 seconds every minute or 24 hours every day.  Some people use those seconds much more efficiently than others.  We need to consider what priorities God has for us in the use of our time and be careful not to squander the time we have left on earth.  Jesus said to pick up our cross daily, we need to strive for excellence in the use of our time.”

Some worthwhile questions and thoughts!  I continue to try to live my life as actively as possible.  Besides Parkinson’s, I also am currently fighting hip muscle pain and ankle pain which make each step hurt.  Hopefully those pains will subside soon with treatment!  I am still volunteering with Circles on Poverty Tuesday nights, at Target Dayton Thursday mornings, and for Fairhaven Fridays visiting people  in Rehab centers, and photographing events at various organizations.

A few weeks ago my Deep Brain Stimulator ran out of battery power (due to my not charging it soon enough).  The result of being “off” for a few hours was not pretty.  Bottom line is if I lived 20 or more years ago, I would be stuck in the house basically unable to move, talk, socialize, etc.  Needless to say I’m checking my battery more often!  Thanks to God for my present situation!!  To Him I give my allegiance and He is my power.


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