The Strangest Grocery List

24 Dec
This is an email I sent to my family this morning:
SO……….Mom gave me a shopping list this morning.  And this morning I was late taking my Parkinson’s meds.

Went to the bank, then to Meijers. First item on the list: Prunes. Have you ever tried to find prunes in that store?  Don’t try.  AND I WAS NOT going to take my old, grey hair up to a clerk and ask “where are your prunes”!!

Next item – Gin (Mom wanted a small amount for a recipe).  I didn’t find any small sample bottles, so I had to pick up a large bottle with BIG letters shouting “GIN” from the label.  Then I set about trying – again – to find prunes.

So, here I am, wandering around Meijers for 5 minutes with a bit of my shuffling, short Parkinson’s steps still hanging around, carrying my bottle of “GIN”, looking for prunes.

Five minutes later, I thought “forget the prunes” (sorry, honey).

Next and last item: fresh mint.  Carrying my bottle of “GIN” to the mint display, I spotted the mint right away, but tasted a tip of it just to be sure!  Mom told me several times not to get mint mixed up with all the herbs at the display. It was mint.

On my way to the SELF SERVE cash register with my “GIN” bottle and fresh mint, I grabbed a box of Little Debbie “Swiss Rolls” which are known worldwide as medicine for a wounded pride.  That was my shopping trip this morning.  Carol, we still need prunes!!



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