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Florida Wildlife and Scenes

17 Mar

Last week Carol and I took a trip to Florida.  As usual on a vacation (and generally) I was concentrating a lot on photography.  Here are some scenes in the Lake Wales area (South of Orlando).  The gallery is located at:



Savannah Historic Images

15 Mar

We spent two days and an evening in Savannah, Georgia last week.  It was a very interesting  trip into the history of a southern American city!  We took a walking tour given by Jonathan Stalcup with Architectural Tours of Savannah, LLC.  Jonathan did a very good job of combining the architecture and history of Savannah into an interesting hour and a half stroll.  I was busy snapping close up shots of buildings along the tour route.  You can visit some of historic Savannah at:


Click on pictures to enlarge pictures after going to the link, then use the arrow keys

Orchid Mania Macro Photography

21 Feb

Weekend photography – Cox Arboretum Orchid Show.

I enjoyed some macro photography taking close-ups of these orchids with my 60 mm lens.  I usually have to go with manual focus when I take pictures this close.  Auto focus goes nuts and usually can’t focus.  The orchids were displayed with lights, making a nice picture-taking environment.

God’s creation was in force with these orchids!  Color is the reason I named my company Creation Source Images.  God is the Source of all creation.

Think if He made the world in black and white!  Our quality of life wouldn’t be anywhere near the same as it is now!   We could argue that color isn’t necessary in nature or the natural world.  God made colors strictly for our enjoyment! Beauty shows His care for us as humans.  Thanks, Lord!

Go to: http://creationsourceimages.photoshelter.com/gallery/Orchid-Mania-Click-on-picture-to-view-or-order/G0000pYFn9wdhN.A

Packard Museum in Dayton, OH

13 Feb

A while ago I visited the Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  It is a vintage Packard Car Dealership where Packard cars were sold and serviced.  The building was originally built in 1917.  The January 1998 edition of Car Collector magazine named the museum one of the Top Ten “Museums in the United States.”


It was enjoyable to take pictures of these fine classic cars and to imagine what it was like to have purchased one brand new in that era.  You can see all these pictures at my website: